101 Ways to be Really Happy: Step #39– Re-enjoy your happiest memories

Let’s play a game.

I’m going to list a word. Don’t spend too much time thinking about it. Off the top of your head, list the fondest memory you have associated with that word.


Here we go:








OK, what did you come up with?

Now take each memory and make it as real as you possibly can. To do that,

close your eyes, now remember. Then smell the smells, hear the sounds, feel the sensations, taste the tastes and see all the colors associated with that memory.

Now imagine you are in a virtual reality machine and you can take all the senses up a notch, i.e. the colors are more brilliant, the sounds are more crystal clear.

Then lock those memories in with the word that you used to retrieve them so that you can relive them whenever you want.

Read my Step #46/ Favorite Things for my answers.

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