101 Ways to Be Happy: Step #43– Breathe!

Breathing might not seem like a route to happiness to you. After all, everybody who is alive is breathing, but not everybody is happy.

The trick to breathing is to do it intentionally.

I have an exercise on my youtube site that I call Integrative Breathing. It literally is one of my cures for anxiety.

I recommend watching the video, but here are the cliff notes.

Imagine breathing in through your right hand and then up through your shoulder, across to your other arm and out through your left hand. Now repeat the process until you feel that part of your body is opened up.

Then move to your legs. Do the same thing.

Breathe in circles around your ankles.

Breathe in through the top of your head and out through your heart. Repeat the process.

The point is to feel your entire body open up and be more joyful by breathing through every cell in your body.

Do it for 30 days and keep a journal of the results.

This exercise is especially good for people with anxiety.

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