101 Ways to Be Really Happy: Step #46B–Favorite Things continued

Here are more of my favorite things:

Water: I have had so much fun in the water it is hard to narrow it down to just one memory. In fact, when I think of the word “water”, a zillion happy memories flood my mind. Could it be because hypnotists use a little post-hypnotic suggestion called the water signal?

Smile: Smile is another word that brings back a flood of happy memories. I’ve created a large happy neural net around the word Smile. But here is a specific one that cracks me up. My mentor, Shelly Stockwell Nicholas, once gave me a smile on a stick.  I love to force the belly laughs out of clients in my office by springing it on them. I highly recommend getting your own smile on a stick.

Hugs: Hugs make me think of all my close friends and family members and even my second ex-husband. He gave great bear hugs. Try to get at least one hug a day. Hugs not only promote happiness, but build your immune system as well.

Sweating: Lots of happy memories are attached to sweating, too; believe it or not. I can remember dancing outdoors on a hot summer night or in a jam-packed bar. Sweating to the oldies are my favorite work-out videos. Sweating is good for the soul.

Peace: Once a saw Swami Satchidananda give a talk about Peace. I can remember the curtains opening and seeing him seated in lotus position on a couch. He talked about the irony of the Peace Riots of the 60s. He said, “If you have true peace in your heart, you have no need to riot.”

What are your favorite things?

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