101 Ways to Be Really Happy: Step #49- Make Being Happy a Project

I LOVE this quote from the Happiness Project website: The research proves that happiness is possible through intentional habit changes, more than circumstantial changes. In fact, only 10% of our happiness is due to our external circumstances and a full 90% is based on our inner environment, with 50% of our happiness level coming from our genes and as much as 40% being accounted for by our intentional daily activities and the choices we make. (Lyubomirsky, Sheldon, et al., 2005)

The cite goes on to list 7 habits that have been scientifically proven to increase happiness:

One suggestion is to practice some activity on each day that promotes that particular trait.

(See list below.)

mindfulness How about scheduling a Mindfulness practice on Mondays? Do a 5 minute meditation to start the week off right or spend 1 minute five times every Monday to be aware.

gratitude — You can end each Thankful Tuesday with journaling your list of the 10 things you were most happy for in the past month, year or day.

wellness –I incorporated a Wellness Wednesday into my life a couple of months ago. I do Piyo every Wednesday night at work.

authenticity –What can you do on Authentic Thursday to honor your true self?

compassion — On Forgiveness Friday, think of all the people who you need to forgive or who need to forgive you and imagine telling each of them, “I forgive you. I ask that you forgive me. I release both of us to our highest good.” This exercise is called cording. You can read about it in more detail here.

sociability  Sociability Saturday is time to hang out with friends and family and do something FUN! 

purpose — Focus on activities that nourish your soul or sense of purpose on Sundays. Some folks attend religious services. I frequently talk to my friend Marilyn on Sundays. We call this conversation “The Church of What’s Happenin’ Now!” Whatever nourishes your soul or imbues you with a sense of purpose is right for you.

Of course, if you are presently building up your happiness muscle, I wouldn’t start with a plan like the one above. To get happier at a more moderate pace, try making a list of twelve habits you want to start encorporating and then do them one at a time until you become consistent.

I would include smiling more often in the Wellness Category.

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