101 Ways to Be Really Happy: Step #50– Make Happiness a Family Project

So you’ve made the decision to focus on being happier. Great! Having been a happy person for over a half-century, I can tell you that you’ve made a wise decision. The moment you DECIDE to make happiness a way of life, literally everything gets better: your health, your stress level, your relationships…everything.

But you know what would be even better?

Being part of a HAPPY family. Imagine what it would be like to not only be happy yourself, but to be surrounded by happy friends and family. Your family doesn’t have to be biologically related to you.

7th Heaven: A Place only Family can Take YOU.


So now, look back at Step 49, and imagine putting each friend or family member in charge of one aspect of the Happiness Plan.

mindfulness In my family of friends, being the hypnotist, I am in charge of the mindfulness activities. We’ve even done stress management sessions to raise money for a charity at work.

gratitude — At the next family gathering, have everyone share one thing they’re grateful for. This doesn’t have to happen only at Thanksgiving.

wellness –My friend, Marlina, goes on family hikes.

authenticity –Openly sharing your true feelings is one way to be your authentic self. How about a family journal where each person shares their feelings about a particular event?

compassion — My brother-in-law is big on teaching his boys about giving. He volunteers at a food bank and refurbishes cars to give away to needy people. Who in your family circle is 

sociability  Every family circle has a social butterfly. Put yours in charge of planing monthly events that are FUN for the whole family! Not too long ago I helped my best friend take three of her grandchildren to the zoo. Now, THAT was fun!

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