101 Ways to Be Really Happy: Step 52- Be Authentic!

The next four steps (52-55) are intricately tied together and directly positively impact each other. If you have one, you will have them all. And if you have them all, life will NEVER be dull. In fact, you will come to realize that you are deep down happy even when you are arguing with someone, having a bad day, dealing with Internet issues (like I have been for the entire week) or not physically healthy.

They are: (A)Be Authentic.

(O)Be Original.

(S) Stand up for What You Believe In, and

(P) Be Passionate about Something.

Let’s call this idea the PASO Principle. And we’ll start at the beginning: learning to be your authentic you.

First, what does being authentic mean to you? To me, it means being so comfortable in your own skin that you don’t have voices warring with each other in your head about what is “right.” You’ve already become comfortable with what you believe and who you are and you ARE that person regardless of the situation you find yourself in. Does that mean you no longer encounter dilemmas? NO. But when you do, you navigate through them fairly quickly because you are comfortable with what you believe.

Here’s a Self-Hypnosis Exercise you can practice to determine your current level of authenticity and to find your weak links.

For this exercise get seated in a comfortable chair. Close your eyes. Focus on your breathing and count yourself down from 10-1.

Once you get to one, imagine that your own Higher Self is sitting across from you. This person is your own higher wisdom, recognizes who you really are and loves you unconditionally.

Now imagine asking your Higher Self the following questions (one at a time) and then just wait for the answers.

  1. Higher Self: In what ways am I being my authentic self? (pause for response)
  2. Higher Self: In what ways am I NOT being my authentic self? (pause for response)
  3. Higher Self: What do I need to do to become my highest version of myself? (pause for response)
  4. What resources can I use NOW to move me to my ultimate goal of authenticity? (pause for response)

You can complete this session in 20 minutes one day or ask a different question and practice for 5 minutes each day. It’s your process so do what works for you. Be sure to journal about your experiences.

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