101 Ways to Be Really Happy: Step #57–Invent Your Own Happiness Ritual

Happiness Ritual: A step of steps or tasks one performs that brings with it an immediate, deep-seated sense of joy.

I’ve had various happiness rituals at different times in my life. When my next-door-neighbor, Uncle Ernie, was still alive, we used to make wine coolers and sit out under the umbrella in the front yard on a warmish summer day. We’d look out at the golf course and watch the world go by.

When I was a district sales manager in the bakery business, I’d order room service and a good movie and plunk down in my favorite hotel to chill after a long day’s travel.

Now, I put the leashes on my two mutts, Smiley and Cinnamon and we head to the San Antonio River to walk before the sun goes down.

A happiness ritual (a)does not include mind altering drugs (b)does not have to cost alot of money (c) does not even require leaving the privacy of your own home. It just has to be something you enJOY doing down to your very core.

If you don’t have your own ritual, think of one. If you have one, do it more often to increase your happiness level.

Prissy (10/1/2008 -10/30/2105) enjoying the SA River from on top of a picnic table.


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