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I began teaching the Living Lightly Series through Community Education programs in and around San Antonio in 2000. Since that time over 2000 private clients and students in group settings have benefited from it. I recently rolled out an alternate updated version called Living Lightly Detox. The Detox version uses the principles in Dr. Mark Hyman’s books, especially The 10 Day Detox Diet  which I have personally benefitted from.

Hypnosis is not a substitute for dietary improvement or exercise. However, my clients and students have reported that using these programs have made it much easier for them to stay on track with their weight loss goals. They have also told me that hypnosis has helped them in other areas of their lives, such as improving sleep, dealing with difficult relationships, accomplishing other goals and increasing overall self esteem.

The premise of Living Lightly is that, when you “lighten up” and let go of worrying and obsessing and simply focus on being happy and healthy, weight loss follows. Once a client or student tells me that they are feeling “lighter” and “less weighed down by life,” I know they are on the road to shedding pounds. I have actually seen clients lose up to 12 pounds in one week. However, an average of 2 pounds per week is the norm.

Living Lightly is not a fad or a craze. It is built on solid principals of eating real food, exercising safely and having FUN while you’re doing it! If this program has helped you in the past, please share it with someone who might like it as well. If you are hearing about Living Lightly for the first time and want to know more, feel free to contact me. If you do not live in the San Antonio area, you can still take advantage of Living Lightly for Home Use.

Class Agenda:

Listed below is a typical agenda for the Living Lightly classes. They are offered at the Citadel Plaza location is limited to 4 individuals, minimum of two per group. Cost is $40 each and comes with a CD.  You can take all the classes listed below or pick and choose the ones you feel you really need. The program is self-paced so schedule what works for you.

CDs can be purchased separately for $20 each. Each class includes discussion on the topic of the day and a 30-minute hypnosis session.   Classes can be scheduled on Monday or Thursday evenings or on Saturdays at 9 am.

The agenda is as follows:  Class #1–  “Lighten Up”– Simple behavior changes to increase your likelihood for success, including letting go of emotional eating.  Reduce portion size, drink more water and make healthier food choices.

Class #2:  “Exercise Motivation”– Find and stick with your own ideal exercise plan. Desire to exercise is increased with hypnosis. I teach you to “future pace”, which is to imagine what your body will be like one month, six months, a year into the future after exercising consistently.

Class #3:   “Eliminating Cravings”– I will be  discussing the reasons for cravings, with emphasis on the roles that sugar addiction, carbohydrate sensitivity and Candida play. You are then lead on a hypnotic journey to identify your own bad foods to eliminate or good foods to increase. Hypnosis helps you let go of the bad foods and embrace the good ones.

Class #4:   “Detoxifying the Body”–  I will teach you some methods for detoxifying the body of unhealthy substances, like old undigested foods, that actually keep you from losing weight. Detox is a great way to restimulate weight loss if you hit a plateau. Methods for detoxing every organ system will be discussed. My favorite class! 

Class #4B: Following the 10-Day Detox Diet– For those interested in Following Dr. Mark Hyman’s weight loss program for quick initial weight loss and, in particular, cleansing the body, I recommend starting with is class and including the following as well.

Class #4C: Integrating the Shadow Self– Conducted by Reiki Master, Cynthia Hazel, in this session, you will meet with your Inner Child to reclaim that part of yourself that sabotages your efforts to be healthy.

Class #4D: Reiki Detox —You will experience a Reiki energetic treatment to rebuild your body’s energy levels, release tension, anxiety and pain through deep relaxation.

Class #5:   “BE a S.T.A.R.”–   Use the power of visualization to achieve and maintain your ideal weight. We examine the role that ‘negative body image has on deterring weight loss efforts. Write your own affirmations and create your own image board to counteract the negative programming that may go all the way back to childhood.

Class #6:  “Wrap Up Problem Solving.”–    Still having problems in some areas of your weight loss program? This is the class for resolving any leftover issues.  I will discuss each student’s issues individually and provide suggestions and hypnotic techniques for coping with each.

If you have a group of five or more and would like to set up a different time or place to hold the classes, please contact me to discuss options.  I am also available to teach Living Lightly Offsite in a 4 to 6 hour format for a minimum of 20 people, and would love to do so as part of a wellness program. Text or email me to discuss pricing.

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