101 Ways to Be Really Happy: Step # 63– Don’t Think Too Much

This step comes from my oldest and dearest friend who used to tell me all the time, “Don’t think too much.”

It’s true. You can run into analysis paralysis by mulling things over and over and over.

My best advice when you have a complicate decision to make: Sleep on it or go and do something else that takes your mind off the issue. By taking a break, you give your subconscious mind space to allow the answer to bubble to the surface. And, for me, the act of going and doing something completely different frequently allows an alternative solution to come to the surface of my awareness, something I would have never thought of if I kept torturing myself to figure it out.

I must’ve learned the lesson because my friend never tells me that any more.

edna skydiving
my buddy, Edna, jumping out of an airplane for her 60th birthday.

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