101 Ways to Be Really Happy: Step #64–Keep It Simple–

Remember in school we were taught the KISS principle? Keep It Simple, Stupid.

This truism is TRUE in every aspect of life. AND, Simple actually translates to Happy, too.

I started working on this post to see if I could find some research on the topic to support my long held personal beliefs. Here is what Harvard Business Review has to say on the topic:

How Simple Rules Make It Easier to Act

Complex situations create many possible courses of action, which can confound employees on the front line. A recent body of research by psychologists demonstrates that when faced with a superabundance of alternatives, people are afraid of making the wrong choice. As a result they delay decisions, default to the safest option, or avoid choosing altogether. (You can read the entire article here: Simple Rules for a Complex World )

That’s a business example above. It works in personal health as well. I’m in the process of having colon surgery. My wonderful gastro doc talked about 2 simple options to discuss with my surgeon, and I came up with an alternate choice. The choice I want to make was easy to pick. But imagine what could have happened if my doctor had tried to discuss 15 options with me.

The same would be true if:

you are trying to decide on a college

which home to buy

which dog to rescue from the shelter

So, for your ultimate happiness, the next time you need to decide, remember to KISS.

Smiley and Priss were both Rescue dogs.

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