101 Ways to Be Really Happy: Step #66–Go With the Flow

I tell my hypnosis clients all the time: Emotions are not good or bad as long as they are not stuck. They are meant to flow through us like water.

It’s okay to feel your feelings. After all, that’s what feelings are for. The problems occur when the emotions get trapped in our bodies, a condition I like to refer to as emotional constipation. I see it all the time with my anxiety clients. But truthfully I think it happens to everyone at some point in our lives. And in Kathy’s World, any emotion that gets trapped will eventually surface as some form of illness.

So here is a little ditty of a self hypnosis practice you can use in 1-5 minutes per day to ward off emotional constipation.

Imagine you are sitting in the surf on the edge of the beach. You are deep enough so that only your head is sticking up above the

Photo of the Oregon beach by Dan Morales.

water. Close your eyes and notice the waves washing past you. Imagine that each time the waves wash past you, they are washing away some old stuck emotion. Notice yourself feeling lighter and lighter as each wave passes by. Notice how soothing the waves sound. When you are ready come back to a wide awake place feeling very calm and relaxed.


After you practice this emotional release for a week, you should notice that things that used to bother you are not quite so bothersome as they were.

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