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101 Ways to Be Really Happy: Step #69– Play More

Step 69 is the one I am currently focused on: Play More.

Play is important for many reasons, not the least of which it releases serotonin into your body, your very own internally-produced, feel-good drug.

There are lots of ways to get more Play time into your life. The route I chose currently is dancing. Here is how I found a place to dance.

Swing classes are Monday nights at 7 p.m. at Sam’s Burger Joint at The Pearl on Broadway in San Antonio.

Go to for the closest city to you and search the kind of play past times you are interested in. I was specifically interested in dance, not only

to have more fun and play, but because it is a great cardio work-out and I hate running. Because San Antonio is a big city, there are 1109 meetups nearby. I have 14 groups selected in my own profile with dance opportunities every night of the week. I made two new friends at the first Swing dance meetup I went to at Sam’s Burger Joint, next to The Pearl. For $10, you get a one-hour free swing lesson and then you can stay for the live band. The music was great and lots of people ask you to dance. I had a BALL!

Maybe dance isn’t your thing. Meetup has groups for everything you can think of: cooking, tarot readings, biking, hiking, bird watching, painting, green energy. In San Antonio, I doubt you could search for a topic and not find at least one meet up.

So stop making excuses why you don’t have time for FUN and just do it!