101 Ways to Be Really Happy: Step #72–Cherish the Absurd

Every once in awhile, I get these ideas that pop into my head, seemingly out of nowhere. Cherishing the Absurd was one such idea. I was making my list of 101 ways to be really happy, something I’ve had quite a bit of practice doing, so the list was flowing out of me very smoothly. When I got to Step #72, the words Cherish the Absurd flowed out onto the page.

I read the words, and thought, “That’s interesting. Wonder what it means.” But I learned a long time ago when the thoughts appear or when the voices speak, just go with the flow of it and everything will work out fine. Besides, I had plenty of time for the ideas to bubble up from my subconscious.

So here I am doing, blogging on the idea. What occurs to me is all the time in my life I saw or read something that made me laugh out loud because the whole situation was so preposterous.

I’ll list a few to get your creative juices flowing. See if they don’t make you laugh out loud:

  1. a bank robber who uses one of his own deposit slips to write a robbery note.
  2. the idea that drinking Coca Cola will promote World Peace. (the commercial/song won numerous awards. Great advertising. Still absurd.)
  3. The idea that a chihuahua can say, “Yo quero Taco Bell.”
  4. The idea that any politicians lips are moving and he/she is NOT lying, especially about lowering taxes.

OK, you give it a try now.chihuahua

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