101 Ways to Be Really Happy: Step #78– Plant a Garden

OK, OK, I know I’m a few months late getting this next blog post posted. Life happens!

Today let’s talk about the joy of gardening. The image on the left is in the gardens of an art museum in Nashville. They had a Chihuyl glass art exhibit mixed in with plants. Wow!

The picture on the right is my summer garden, including one of my crepe myrtle plants and Queens Crown (which is virtually impossible to kill!) I need plants that are tough since (a) we live in Texas where summers especially can be unmerciful and (b) I tend to get busy and neglect them from time to time.

Gardening can teach you alot about your own limitations and capabilities. It can also teach you the art of active meditation. The older I get the more I enjoy being in a garden. Any garden.

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