101 Ways to Be Really Happy: Step #80– Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

I’ve always been one of those people who thought change was a good thing. Learning to deal with change makes you more flexible and more resilient. Like the tree with the pliable trunk, if you are used to dealing with change, you are not likely to break in half during a sudden gust of wind.

Learning to live outside your comfort zone is the ultimate way to make change your friend. Here are more reasons to seek out change and the “other side” of the comfort zone:

  1. Stretching yourself increases your creativity.
  2. Stretching yourself can also increase your productivity. By searching for new and better ways to do things, you can “build a better mouse trap.”
  3. Learning to cope effectively with change enhances your self confidence.
  4. Working outside your comfort zone helps build your trouble shooting/problem solving repertoire.
  5. According to research done at the University of Texas, learning new skills can help you slow down the aging process and stay mentally alert.

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