How I work with Cancer Clients using Hypnosis

Over the years I have worked with several clients with Cancer.
My first client was my dad, Chuck. He wanted me to help him keep the nausea under control while he underwent chemotherapy. I explained that he could also use hypnosis to help visualize the tumors in his colon shrinking and to reduce the stress that exacerbated the health issues.
I went with him to the chemo ward and hypnotized the entire group with their permission.
My dad had Stage 4 colon cancer when I started working with him. After the sessions, he went into remission for 8 years. The oncologist posted my information in his lobby.
Since that time, I have worked with a variety of other cancers, including breast cancer, with similar results. One of my breast cancer survivors always tells people she is my biggest fan.
In the time since I started writing this article for my website, I developed and had surgery to eliminate colon cancer. Fortunately for me, the cancer was a little, tiny peanut of self-contained toxins. I had no need for chemo which was fortunate since I never would have agreed to it.
Reducing the fear and stress surrounding a life threatening illness allows the body to heal. When clients can learn to visualize positive outcomes they can achieve them.
Hypnosis also helps tremendously with pain management in end-stage cancer. I worked with an octogenarian several years ago with rectal cancer. His happy place was fishing on his boat with his grandson, something he could no longer do. After he passed, his wife told me that those fishing trips in his mind were the only things that kept him comfortable when the pain levels were high.
Even in the case of end-stage esophogeal cancer, when all you can do is help the person be more comfortable, hypnosis helps.
If you have anyone in any stage of cancer, even those in remission who just want an immune system boost, hypnosis is a wise adjunct therapy.
Please let me know if I can be of service.
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