How I work with Weight Loss

Weight loss is one of the more complicated issues I work on using hypnosis. Like I tell most of my weight loss clients, “I can tell a smoker they are never going to smoke again. I cannot tell you that you will never eat again.”

In my opinion the most important part of the weight loss program is the intake. I need to know what your background and particulars are. For many of my women clients, emotional eating is the biggest issue they face. However, these other factors may also play a part:

stressers like money or family worries, job, caretaking of sick relatives or friends;

cravings, especially for sugar or starchy carbs

bad habits, like lack of portion control, lack of exercise

Stuck emotions, like anger or sadness.

But I also look for how long the issue has been a problem.

Generally, we do an initial session based on what the biggest problem appears to be, especially emotional eating or cravings. When you come back, hopefully within a week, I ask, ” What’s going good? What’s not?” Sometimes everything is going great, but usually there is an issue that stands out as needing more attention. For example, you may be doing great with not eating late-night snacks, but still eating large portions at night. We do a follow-up session to rectify the problem area.

In session 3 or 4, provided you have purchased a 5-session package, I will frequently do a Timeline Therapy (t) session. My nickname for Timeline is Emotional Vacuum Cleaning. Timeline helps you let go of stuck anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt, in that order. We frequently also let go of limiting beliefs like: My whole family is fat. I am always going to be fat too.

Once you appear to be making positive strides, the sessions can be spread out as far apart as you like, as long as you continue to listen to your recordings for positive reinforcement. I also have clients who will come in for a tune-up sessions six months or more down the road just to make sure they stay on track.

Remember, hypnosis is not a magic pill for weight loss. What hypnosis does is make it easier to make the changes you need to make but can’t seem to do because all habits are stored in the subconscious mind. The subconscious must be accessed and reprogrammed to make the changes you want to make.

I also have the following weight loss CDs from my Living Lightly Weight Loss series that can be ordered on my Hypnosis CDs page:

Lighten UP and Really Live : which focuses on emotional eating and changing bad habits

Nutritional Awareness:Eliminate Cravings

Detox for Weight Loss: get rid of mental, emotional and physical toxins in your body and mind to lose weight

Motivation to Exercise

Star Weight Loss: staying on track with your weight management program


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