101 Ways to be Really Happy: Step #84: Heal a Plant

A really cool way to learn about energy is to get a plant that is somewhat shriveled. I wouldn’t opt for DEAD, but on it’s way to dead will do. Rub your hands together and then separate them about 4-6 inches, palms facing each other. Keep them there until you can feel something between them, almost as if you were holding a ball. Then compress the space about two inches until that “something” feels more dense.

Now put your hands on either side of the shriveled plant. Don’t touch it. After about two minutes, you should notice the plant perk up, good as new.

Plants are very susceptible to the energy of humans. Every person with a green thumb knows if you say nice things to your plants they will blossom before your eyes. I once had an artist friend who had a house full of potted plants as tall as her rooms. She spoke softly and sweetly to her plants every day.

P.S.– This same concept works human-to-human as well.

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