Hypnosis can help your child Focus and Learn

Hypnosis is an effective help for learning, concentration and Focus issues.  Please read the testimonial below from a happy mom and visit the Success Stories section of this website for more testimonials.

bo 4th grade
With the help of Perfect Learning Hypnosis, Bo was able to concentrate and graduate to 4th Grade.
As a parent, sometimes you find yourself unable to help your child, which was the case I found myself experiencing. My son was having trouble concentrating in school, even after a multitude of interventions (i.e. getting eyes/ears checked; going to bed earlier; melatonin; herbs; sleep apnea testing; dyslexia testing). As a result, his grades were dropping, he was requiring a great deal of tutoring and re-teaching, his teacher wanted him tested for special education and ultimately retained, and he was ultimately experiencing low self-esteem as a result. He was able to get work done at home, with less noise and activity in his surroundings; however, was not able to make that transfer at school.
After research and seeing the positive results his father experienced after hypnosis, I took my 8 year-old son in for a session. He was able to learn techniques on concentrating, blocking out the noise, and building up his self-esteem! After practicing the techniques a short while, he was teaching his siblings how to deal with that extra noise and concentration. Additionally, his grades experienced a tremendous and immediate improvement. He says he’s even a better baseball player too (because he can get up to the mound, block out the noise, and concentrate)!
Bo’s Mom

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