10 Steps to Conquering Anxiety with Hypnosis: What is Anxiety?

website photo me1Hello, if you have been reading my blog for a while you know that I am a hypnotist who specializes in anxiety. If you’re new to my blog, my name is Kathy Moore. I am a hypnotist practicing in San Antonio, TX and I am passionate about helping people with anxiety.

Over the years, I have learned that hypnosis is the best resource out there for helping anxious people. Through the course of this blog series, I will show you why that is true. I will also offer you several simple, quick and inexpensive (free) tips to help you conquer your own anxiety.

First, let’s define anxiety. Anxiety is fear of the future. Symptoms range from generalized anxiety or “chronic worry about everything” to anxiety that is focused on specific topics, such as stage fright or fear of flying. These focused types are also known as phobias. Regardless of which type you have, hypnosis can help.

I like to tell my clients that anxious people make great hypnosis subjects because they all have wonderful imaginations. Unfortunately the imagination of an anxious person tends to be focused on “worst case scenarios.”

Hypnosis is like computer-reprogramming for the brain. It is not psycho-therapy or counseling which tend to focus on very, very long term solutions. Hypnosis is fast. I have seen people who have suffered from anxiety their entire lives make rapid improvements with hypnosis.

I also like to tell my clients that reprogramming an anxious mind is like teaching a dog to walk on a leash. If the dog goes somewhere you don’t want it to go, you pull it back in another direction. The anxious mind needs to be pulled away from the worst case scenario and directed towards a best case scenario. If the anxious mind continues down the negative path it tends to get stuck in a negative spiral.

This negative spiral is called “what-if thinking.” What if I forgot to lock the door? What if I left the coffee pot turned on? What if I get a terminal illness? What if I lose my job?

So one of the first things I teach my clients is to use a Mental Tranquilizer by finding their own calm, safe place.

We’ll talk about the Safe Place in my next post.

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