10 Steps to Conquering Anxiety with Hypnosis:  7. The Power of Post-Hypnotic Suggestions

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One of the things I really like to use in sessions with all my clients are post-hypnotic suggestions.

Post Hypnotic is a suggestion given to the client that will continue to work after the session has ended.

One favorite among hypnotists is known as the water signal. It goes something like this: “Every time you see water in any form, think about water or drink water, you will automatically be more peaceful, calm, confident and happy (fill in the blank).”

Here are some other typical ones I use:

“Every day in every way you are getting better and better and better… happier, healthier, wealthier and wiser every single day.” (used in AA) (You can substitute “I” instead of “you” in any of these.)

“Every time you see the color gold, you think I’m a winner; I have kicked the habit.” (used with smokers)

“From now on any time you see the color ____ or think the word ____, you will automatically be back at ___________ feeling relaxed, calm, safe and secure and all anxiety will completely wash away and be replaced with a feeling of euphoria.”

I also typically tell clients that every time they listen to their hypnosis recording, the suggestions will be reinforced and work more quickly and more deeply every time they listen. So, it’s possible to get instant improvement from the post-hypnotic suggestion.

You can write your own post hypnotic suggestions and record them on top of relaxing environmental sounds or meditation music and just listen to that when you need to relax.

One of my favorites that popped into my head years ago to help me learn to relax was, “I am calm and centered at all times no matter what is going on around me.” Or “My life is peaceful and relaxed. I am filled with joy.”

Check out the book Heal Your Body, by Louise Hay for many wonderful self-healing affirmations.

The secret to writing good affirmations or post-hypnotic suggestions is to make sure the words are: positive, present tense and emotionally charged for you. As far as subconscious programming goes, remember the suggestions are the steering wheel, but the emotional is the gas pedal.

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