10 Steps to Conquering Anxiety with Hypnosis:  9. Be Gentle with Yourself


photo of white pink and yellow ceramic mug and saucer
Lavendar has an especially calming effect on anixety. Photo by Mareefe on Pexels.com

This next-to-last step for conquering anxiety may sound too general, but anxious people really need to be kinder to themselves than the average person does. In my 18 years working with this group, I have found that anxious people need more sleep (8 to 10 hours is my recommendation), more quiet time and a calmer environment. If you suffer from anxiety, try to keep your work and home environments as stress free as possible.

Exercise is important for everyone. Anxiety sufferers will benefit from yoga, especially of the restorative or meditative type. I highly recommend Yin Yoga.

Limit caffeine and sugar intake. Dr. Braverman’s book, mentioned in the previous step, has suggestions for vitamins and supplements depending on your specific brain type.

Drink plenty of water.

Aromatherapy can be particularly beneficial. Lavendar oil dabbed behind the ears can stop a panic attack in less than 15 minutes.

Don’t worry about friends or family members who try to tell you it’s “all in your head.” People, who do not have anxiety, rarely understand it.

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