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Help for Severe Childhood Abuse

Kathy’s note: I saw this family 20 years ago for a horrific case of abuse. The children were 12, 5 and 3, if memory serves me. What a great email to receive. Identifying information has been removed to protect these innocents. Working with them was one of the most rewarding experiences of my hypnosis career and proof that these changes are permanent. Hypnosis works for adults, but the improvements are even more profound in children. You can read more Success Stories in that tab on my website.

Hi Kathy, How are you? I don’t know if you remember me and my siblings and my mother. We used to go to therapy with you more than 20 years ago. Last week my mom and I were talking about you and decided to look you up.   It’s been more than 20 years And Truth is I am very grateful to life for having you in it. I am happily 10 years married, 32 years old, and I have a little princess 5 years old. And I am who I am thanks to you.

I remember you constantly, and I know that all the peace in my life is something I learned from you. After all we went through you helped us a lot. My mom got married again and found a wonderful person that we love. My sister just had her twin baby girls. So life is great.    My mom and me want to go visit you, but all this COVID thing has changed everything. I don’t know if you are receiving people these days. Cant wait to see you. Send you lots of blessings and hugs. Looking forward to your answer ! 

***Note: While pandemic is still out of control, I am only seeing clients virtually. You may also choose to order CDs or downloads. ***

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