Hypnosis for Cancer

Good Morning, everyone! I have been away for awhile in cancer treatment. And, I am happy to report that this is the first year in the past three that I am not going through year-end cancer surgery.

The nice thing about having 8 surgeries (not all cancer-related) since 2017 is that I now consider myself a surgery expert. What I plan to do over the next few weeks is share some tips and tricks about how hypnosis can help anyone dealing with cancer.

I can tell you that I have made a believer out of my wonderful Radiologist when I demonstrated how I used pain management techniques on myself for coping with radiation for Vulvar Cancer. But, pain management is only the tip of the iceberg. Hypnosis can also help cancer patients deal with stress and depression, stay motivated, eliminate or reduce nausea and even discover and release reasons for creating cancer in the first place.

Me with Infusion Room Coordinator Nurse Norma at NC Baptist Hospital undergoing chemo and working on my F… Cancer Coloring book I got for my birthday from a buddy.

I have used hypnosis for cancer patients from a wide range of types: colon, rectal, breast, liver and pancreatic just to name a few. In all cases, symptoms and discomfort were reduced. In several cases, life was prolonged. In my own situation, my cancer marker has been at the normal range for this entire year and my most recent colonoscopy was completely normal with no polyps at all.

If you or someone you know is currently coping with cancer, I encourage you to visit this blog regularly. Let me know if there is anything in particular you want to know about. And stay tuned as I publish my book on my own cancer journey.

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