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Hypnosis for LIFE!

I get calls all the time from former clients who came to see me five or ten years ago to: quit smoking or past a certification test or started sleeping for the first time in their lives. They usually start out by saying, “I know you probably don’t remember me, but..”

I normally do. And, it is sooooooo gratifying to get that positive feedback.

I don’t know anything that works like hypnosis to stop smoking, stop worrying, pass a test, get a better golf score, and the list goes on and on.

Look through the ABCs of Hypnosis thread from last year to learn more.


Getting the most out of your Mind

My favorite mind power tips involve little things that you can easily do to make the most out of your mental capacity, like whole brain balancing. I have used this simple technique with my hypnosis clients for years.

Another one was given to me by an artist friend who went through hypnosis training with me: Doing long division in your head

The fountains at Chrispark

Life along the River and other Interesting Places


One of my top viewed posts of all time is about Chris Park, that little slice of heaven just south of downtown San Antonio, on Camp St. But there are all kinds of interesting things to see and do in South San Antonio.

Here’s a cool idea that won’t cost you anything if you come for a visit.

Vertical view of downtown from King William entrance to riverwalk.
Vertical view of downtown from King William entrance to riverwalk.

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