Me at my Desk in 2004
Me at my Desk in 2004

Hi! My name is Kathy Moore. There are several of us out there… Kathy Moore’s, that is. I’m the one who is a hypnotist, living in one of the most beautiful cities on Earth: San Antonio, Texas.

My goal in writing this blog is to share some ideas and discoveries  I’ve made in over 25 years of being a student of the Mind and it’s infinite possibilities for recreating itself.

“Simple Pleasures” is written for three basic groups: (1) those who want ideas to help them live more joyously, simply (2) those who would like to learn more about programming their own minds for enhanced enjoyment, and (3) those who would like to find simple ways to enjoy San Antonio and the surrounding areas, specifically south San Antonio and downtown.

If you don’t happen to fall into any of these three categories, but you find out you enjoy reading this blog, write to me at mooreinspire1957@gmail.com  and tell me how you would categorize yourself or comment on the blog directly.

Let’s start out with Principle #1, an idea that will be pervasive and recurring throughout this blog, the #1 secret to joyous living, the simple concept that , once understood, need only be referred to repeatedly.

The Secret to Joy is Learning to Live in the Present Moment. or Be Here Now.

Curiously enough, The Point of Power is, likewise, in the Present Moment.

Every Great philosopher throughout time has understood this principle.

So, woven throughout this blog, in every concept we discuss, or every story of adventure I tell you, in all the techniques I’ll share, you will find this one tenet: Live in the Now. To be really alive, Be Here Now. Easier said than done, but I can share some mind techniques that work. Stay tuned.

You can read more articles and find more information about me, hypnosis and hypnosis training, my friends who were with me at the San Antonio’s Wellness Center and people teaching holistic healing throughout the city on my website, http://www.mooreinspire.com.  From the homepage, you can click on the “Join Us” button to keep up with classes and writings from other natural health professionals who contribute to my newsletter.

And if you are specifically in Wellness in the San Antonio area, please join our linked in group, San Antonio Wellness Network.


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