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Frequently Asked Questions About Hypnosis and Moore Inspirations


Questions before ordering? Check here first!
Want to know more about how hypnosis works? Need to know what the guarantee is on my products? If the question you want answered is not listed below, then contact me at mooreinspire1957@gmail.com. Thanks for stopping by!!! kathy moore



Q   Do you guarantee your products or services?
Yes, all hypnosis CDs come with a two-year guarantee, even if you break it yourself. Just send or bring us back the original. Your only cost is $5.00 shipping if we have to mail it to you.
Of course, no one can guarantee your results in a hypnosis session. (Think about it. Do you ask your physician to guarantee results?) I have found the best results come from clients who are either highly suggestible or very persistent. Those who either don’t listen to their recordings or think I’m going to wave a magic wand and make them better don’t achieve the results they desire in some cases.  But sometimes, even those people get great results and are totally AMAZED!


Q   What if I don’t want to give my credit card over the Internet?


A  That’s fine, just text or call me at 210-663-0658 and let me know what you need. I will   call you back and take your information over the phone or you can mail a check. Once    it’s received, I will mail your product out. For long-time customers, there is no delay for checks.


Q    Does Hypnosis really work? And, if so, How?
I WISH I had a dollar for every time I got asked that question!! YES!! Hypnosis has been a highly effective tool for changing behavior and improving mental and physical health for centuries. Every day I watch people take control of their lives by learning how to control (reprogram) their subconscious minds. All long-term memories, beliefs, attitudes, habits and addictions are stored in the subconscious, as are the automatic functions of the body like breathing, digestion and metabolism and dreaming. And the subconscious works like the best computer operating system in the world, processing 4 billion bits of information per second, as opposed to 2 thousand bits in the conscious mind. When you learn how to harness the power of your own subconscious mind, you literally can Change Your Life by Changing Your Mind!


Q    How many sessions do I need to achieve the desired results?
A  That really depends on these factors:(1) what you are wanting to work on– things like nail biting, study skills, sports enhancement generally only need one session.  Smokers typically come for one session; the rest will come for one or two follow-ups. Weight loss takes at least two sessions, but most of my weight-loss customers buy a five-pack to save money. Then I recommend you come back whenever you feel your motivation needs a boost or if you’re having a problem in a particular area, until you achieve your goal weight.
(2)how suggestible you are– highly suggestible people (and most children) usually only need one session for a particular issue. Others will need more or to listen to their tapes more often.
(3)how much you participate in the sessions– I have found that those clients who listen to their recordings and do the homework assignments I give them do better because they have invested themselves in the process. Hypnosis is NOT magic. It takes active participation from the client and the hypnotist.


Q   How do I find a good hypnotist to work with?
A  If you’re outside the San Antonio area, contact one or all of the following hypnosis organizations for a referral: The National Guild of Hypnotists, the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association, or the International Hypnosis Federation. All have websites. (See my links page for details.) In San Antonio, I can personally vouch for the abilities of Meredith Skeeters. Call one of the hypnotists listed online and interview them. See how much experience they have working with your particular     problem area. Ask for client references. You might also want to know how many hours of training and continuing education they have. Generally, the more clients they’ve seen and the more training they’ve had the better equipped they will be to help you with your issues. And most importantly, when you talk to them, do you feel comfortable? If a hypnotist cannot establish enough rapport to help you relax, you are not likely to achieve good results. And, of course, you can also feel free to call me for an appointment. For directions to Moore Inspirations 


Q    What if I can’t be hypnotized?
  Only about 8 percent of the population are considered hard-core unhypnotizable, including those with extremely low IQ’s or severe mental illness. The rest of us fall into a range of suggestability. And, there is on-going debate as to how much you can improve your overall level of suggestability. I have seen many clients who go under deeper and faster with more results after repeated sessions and from listening to their recordings regularly. However, sometimes hypnosis may not be the best self-improvement program for you to be working with at a given time. When I see clients who are not achieving the results I feel they should be getting in the amount of time invested, I either refer them to another hypnotist or to another holistic healer. Sometimes I find clients will benefit more from accupressure, an exercise regime like Yoga, chiropractic, nutritional assistance, physical detox, massage, or some other form of energy work. I also frequently recommend these other treatments in addition to hypnosis for the quickest and deepest results. To learn more about other wellness professionals I recommend click here.


Q   How does your “stop smoking” program work?
My “stop smoking” program focuses on helping you increase your self-confidence to quit and stay quit. That’s why I call it “Go for the Gold!”  I also give you seven post-hypnotic cues that will reinforce the non-smoker programming. This technique works for most of my clients. Rarely do I have clients come for more than one session, but I encourage clients to listen to the CD or come back for a booster if they should relapse. To order a “Stop Smoking” CD, click here.


Q   How does your weight loss program work?
You have several options for losing weight with Moore Inspirations. The best values are the 10-session for $600 or the 5-session for $350 packages. Each session comes with a recording, either a pre-made CD or customized recording sent to you via Dropbox.com.  Most of my clients buy the 5-pack for $350 to get a good jump start. Then they follow up with boosters if needed.

The program you choose depends on how much money you want or can afford to spend and how much flexibility you have. The most cost effective program I have for weight loss is the “Living Lightly” kit.You can also schedule a private weight loss group with family, co-workers or friends at your convenience at the MI offices or at your own location. These groups are $60 per person, 4 person minimum. If you book a group of 8 people, you get your class free. Groups that book and pay for 4 weeks in advance get a set of 3 CDs free each.

These classes can be scheduled once a week or at any frequency you desire. The classes are 1.5 hours in length: 45 minutes discussion and education, 45 minutes for hypnosis.For private sessions, the first session is 2 hours in length. We cover a 3 page questionnaire to uncover all your eating behaviors and design the best weight loss program for you. Most clients say, “I’ve told you more than I’ve ever told anyone!” But everyone’s weight loss buttons are unique and uncovering them takes good questioning and listening skills. Should you choose the private session route, call to schedule your appointment. If you believe you have a problem with cravings for sweets, I highly recommend you check out the wonderful website, www.radiantrecovery.com. Take the sugar sensitivity test. And BE SURE to read Stephanie’s story in the Success Stories section!


Q   How much do you charge for your services?
My standard rate is $80 per hour. To read more about pricing, guaranteed and special programs, read the Private Hypnosis Consulting page

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