Hypnosis for Smoking Cessation

Every hypnotist has a different approach to helping tobacco users based on their own set of beliefs. My “stop smoking” program (which actually works just as well for stopping dipping) focuses on helping you increase your self-confidence to quit and stay quit. That’s why I call it “Go for the Gold!” I help you imagine being a successful non-smoker BEFORE you quit. What the mind believes, it can achieve. I also give you seven post-hypnotic cues that will reinforce the non-smoker, non-dipper programming after you leave my office. This technique works for most of my clients.

Rarely do I have clients come for more than one session. In fact, in the past 6 years, I have had only one client come back for a refresher. In his case, after the first session, he was still smoking one cigarette on the way to work and one on the way home. We did a follow-up session and he was fine after that. Regardless, I still encourage clients to listen to the CD that comes with their session for 30 days or to take it back out when they go through a stressful event. pr to come back for a booster if they should relapse.

My own personal belief is that a client should be able to quit smoking in one session with me. And, I have found over the past 17 years, that what I believe I instill in my clients. My former smokers and dippers tell me that quitting smoking with hypnosis was stress free. They found it easy to make the changes they wanted to make.

If you are not ready for a private session, but would like to try the CD on your own, I will make you this promise: If you use the CD every day for 30 days and are unable to stop smoking, I will gladly refund your money. Please feel free to call, text or email me for details.

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Get rid of nicotine once and for all with Hypnosis!