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What makes the MI Professional Hypnosis Training Program Unique?


Being hypnotized by Kathy is one of the main ways students learn.
Being hypnotized by Kathy is one of the main ways students learn.
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These are the Key Differences that make Kathy’s program exceptional!
When you are deciding on hypnosis training, it is important to find a school that will prepare you to be the best hypnotist you can be. It’s also important to work with a teacher with extensive teaching experience and a wide-ranging background. Kathy Moore is such a mentor.


 Students will be certified through Moore Inspirations.


Kathy works closely with other holistic practitioners. She has found that hypnosis is not always the best or only way to help her clients heal. So, she frequently refers to (or receives referrals from) acupuncturists, massage therapists, Crystal Shaman, MDs, DOs, chiropractors, herbalists, Reiki practitioners, and reflexologists, just to name a few. A familiarity with other healing modalities not only will establish you as a “trusted expert” in your clients’ minds, it will enable you to expand your business exponentially.STUDENTS WILL WORK ONE-ON-ONE WITH KATHY TO DEVELOP THEIR OWN “SPECIALTY” 
One of the best ways to grow your hypnosis practice quickly is to become known for an expertise in a specific area. Kathy developed a protocol in conjunction with La Mision Clinic to help Type II Diabetics and another for working with her favorite group, people with anxiety.  Whether your interest is in sports enhancement, learning skills or some medical issue, she can teach you how to develop a hypnosis protocol for your special area of interest that gets SERIOUS results. The MI certification program is currently ONLY offered on a one-on-one mentoring basis, so students get training that is unique to their needs.ALTHOUGH HYPNOSIS SCRIPTS WILL BE PROVIDED, STUDENTS WILL LEARN TO THINK ON THEIR FEET AND USE THEIR OWN INTUITION TO ASSIST CLIENTS.
Since Kathy is an award-winning journalist, she can teach you to write excellent, results-getting scripts. However, honing your listening and intuitive skills will bring you the best results with your clients. Much of the program is designed to help you think “outside the box.” This “creative thinking” approach to hypnosis training is only one of the many techniques that makes Moore Inspirations Professional Hypnosis Certification Program (MIPHCP) truly unique.KATHY IS AN EXPERT MOTIVATIONAL COACH AND WILL ASSIST ALL HER STUDENTS TO MAXIMIZE THEIR OWN “SKILL SETS.”
Kathy has a Master’s Degree in Business and actually started out as a motivational coach before she heard the voice that said, “Study hypnosis.” Equally important to developing an area of expertise, you need to “lead from your strengths.” If you are an excellent public speaker and enjoy being in front of a crowd, Kathy will assist you in developing a speakers’ program to get clients. (Kathy earned an advanced communicator and a competent leader in the Business & Professional Toastmasters Club of San Antonio.) If you are great with kids or have a teaching background, she can show you how to market yourself to that audience.STUDENTS CAN DRAW ON KATHY’S 30 YEARS OF PROFESSIONAL WRITING, TEACHING, AND PUBLIC SPEAKING EXPERIENCE TO PRODUCE AWARD-WINNING AND HIGHLY EFFECTIVE HYPNOSIS SCRIPTS AND TRAINING PROGRAMS FOR THEIR OWN CLIENTS.
Take advantage of Kathy’s years as a newspaper editor. Let her edit your hypnosis scripts for better results. She can even help you learn how to publish your own hypnosis manuals or produce your own TV or radio show.KATHY’S PROVEN TECHNIQUES HAVE HELPED ALL HER STUDENTS AND CLIENTS BUILD CONFIDENCE IN THEMSELVES.
Regularly one or more of Kathy’s clients comes by or calls to tell her how much her hypnosis sessions have changed their lives. She can teach you how to get the same results with your clients. Her goal is to help bring hypnosis to the forefront as a healing modality in the San Antonio community, Texas at large and throughout the U.S. and abroad. Developing students who are highly trained and effective hypnotists, as she is, is one way for her to achieve her own goals.

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