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Help for Post Traumatic Stress resulting in Relationship Issues and Anger

Hi Kathy,

I just wanted to write you to tell you  words can’t express my feelings at this moment.  When we left your office Saturday, we went by my mom’s house, and Troy immediately started complaining to my mom about my son, and on the way home, he was real agitated and upset.  I felt so overwhelmed with sadness because I thought great this didn’t help at all.  Well the next day Sunday was a completely different story!  Troy didn’t complain one time about my son.  My son came to the house to help paint and do various chores and Troy was relaxed, didn’t say my son threw him the finger or made fist or faces at him.  Yesterday was the same way too.  Troy has been smiling and happy and back to talking to me and being close.  Kathy when I emailed you previously I said I know you can’t perform miracles but in fact you have!  My son and husband are 2 totally new happy people!  My son took his nursing exam yesterday and passed it.  Kathy, you have helped to give me the peace in my house and in my life that hasn’t been there in so long.  I can actually be at work and be relaxed. I didn’t get the early morning texts from Troy complaining or mad.  I actually got a great hug from him.  Kathy I cant tell you what you’ve done for my life,  our lives.


Thank you,



Help for Anxiety


I had a hypnosis session with you a little over a month ago to treat my anxiety and I wanted to give you an update.  At the time I saw you I was having multiple anxiety attacks nearly everyday for 2 weeks.  This is something that has affected me for over 6 years that had progressively gotten worse.  My worst attacks involved extreme vertigo, vomiting, heart racing, shaking, cold sweats, and feeling like I was going to have to go to the hospital.  Doctors only prescribed me pills and told me I have a sensitive nervous system.  I feared going anywhere without my Xanax and stressed over when or where my next attack would occur.

I want you to know that ever since our session I have not had any attacks or had to take any Xanax.  That is HUGE!!! For a while I was beginning to feel like nothing would heal me-nothing would work.  I now feel like I have a part of my life back and I can’t thank you enough!  I have incorporated lavender oil and the Rescue Remedy stress spray we discussed (a Bach Flower Remedy, available online and at Whole Foods) into my daily routine.

I will admit I was not a believer in holistic healing and thought the idea of hypnosis was crazy.  I was skeptical going to see you and a bit skeptical after, but I was desperate and would try anything at that point.  Now, after seeing results, I am a true believer that medicine can’t fix all and healing of the mind can have profound effects on a person.

So again I just want to thank you for your help.  It means the world to me to not have the anxiety and stress that once overtook my life.


Lauren R