Success Stories

Success Stories!!


Has Hypnosis from Moore Inspirations worked for you? Help others by sharing your story.

Have you successfully achieved your goals through private or group sessions at Moore Inspirations? Have you lost weight with Lighten Up or made other improvements through the Self Hypnosis Classes? We want to hear about it! If we publish your story on the website, you win a free hypnosis CD or a $20 gift certificate towards a session or CD.  Plus, your words can inspire others to “change their life by changing their mind!”

How Hypnosis Helped Me!

My name is Randy and I’m a forty-seven year old man. At a young age, I started some habits that would become a regrettable part of my life. First smoking, at the age of fifteen, then alcohol, started playing it’s part in my life. As years started passing, these habits became something that seemed natural.

But as I became older these habits started to affect my health. In the year 2006, I started to attempt to resolve these problems that were leading to an early death. I tried nicotine gum, patches and prescription Chantix, to help stop smoking. At the same time my drinking started to affect all parts of my life.

In late 2009, I was in my doctor’s office and overheard a gentleman speaking about how hypnosis had helped him with smoking.  At first I was skeptical, but then I thought: “What did I have to lose?”

The phone call I made to Kathy Moore was the first step towards a life-saving experience.

On November 21st, I met Kathy for the first time. It was a two-hour session for no-more-smoking. I walked in smoking, walked out feeling good, had no need, no urges to stick something nasty in my mouth. Went home put ash trays up and felt great. Hypnosis did in two hours what i tried to do for several years… quit.

December 22nd 2009, I made a second call to Kathy. We spoke for a short time, and I made arrangments to receive five more sessions, for my drinking problem and some other things I felt needed to be fixed. I did the first two sessions for my drinking problem. At the end of the second session, my alcohol problem went away. In the days following, I started feeling something I have not felt in several years. The last three sessions where focused on better sleeping habits, lower blood pressure, better eating habits. Today is January 29, 2010. Hypnosist has become a very good part of my life, and is a large part in saving my life. (Randy listens to his CDs regularly.) I have regained my self respect and self love. I’ve become a better person, father and friend.


Randy S.

Dear kathy
I’m not very good at spelling, please help. If there is anything you need to change or remove, please do so. (Only grammar and spelling were corrected. The words are all Randy.)

See ya soon
your pal, Randy



 Steph came for three sessions before she moved away with her military husband. She promised to keep us posted from time to time on her progress. She’s tried many ways to lose weight and says hypnosis was the first thing that worked. Initially she could only exercise about 10 minutes at a time due to knee injuries from an auto accident. Now she exercises daily and told me she just took up Yoga!Way to go, Steph!!!



STEPHANIE’S STORY– My name is Stephanie, I am 34 years old, married, have 4 kids, and 2 dogs. I previously lived in San Antonio, TX, now Ft. Stewart, GA.(army husband)
I’ve been overweight on and off my whole life. I have tried fad diets and even some good ones (Weight Watchers); however, I didn’t and don’t see myself measuring, journaling, calculating fat grams, calories and/or figuring points out for the rest of my life. This is great for some people, just not me. I was scheduled for a consultation with an Army Vascular Surgeon about a “stomache staple.” They were going to do it because, at 335 pounds, my BMI was 51%. (I guess I don’t need to tell you how high that is.)
The only doctor who does surgery got deployed. I spiraled into a depression, which even escalated my bad eating habits.
Early December I decided to try to do something. (I lost 5 lbs. in a month, dropping my weight to 330),but I really wasn’t doing much better…just drank more water.
Out of shear desperation I looked under weight loss to see if there were any places I hadn’t tried throughout the years… I stumbled upon a hypnosis ad. I called to inquire about it all and even told her flat out that I am a skeptic. She patiently listened and explained how things worked and that I wouldn’t be dieting. Still skeptical, I did a 2-hour private session. The first hour was telling her my specific eating problems. 2nd hour was the actual hypnosis.
Kathy Moore was professional, friendly, open, honest, easy to talk to and made me feel all around comfortable. I walked out feeling good with a self hypnosis tape to listen to once a day for a little while and an appointment for next week. I swear, believe it or not, I noticed a difference while making dinner!
You see I am a “taster.” You know while making dinner you taste here, taste there, and before you know it, you’ve eaten a damn serving. Well, that very night while making cabbage and onions, there was an onion on the side of the pan. I actually picked it up and threw it back in a matter of seconds, stirred and sat down.
Then about a minute later, I realized what I had done. I put it back and thought, “..It works!”
Ever since then, I look back on the past few months and I don’t do it anymore {lol} There are lots of other nasty eating habits I had that I no longer do… I’m a believer! The best thing about hypnosis is that it’s all your doing. You just need the direction and guidance to get there. I’ve lost a drastic amount of weight in six months, and I know it will dramatically slow down, but I know the reason for this because I went from eating all the time excessive amounts of food, to eating healthier, when I am hungry, to satisfaction only. Really, like I said, my only real goal is to eat healthier, not gonna lie here, I love the fringe benefits! I’m currently at 223 pounds with a BMI @ 34.% I’ve lost a total of 107 pounds (at six months) and I’m still losing, guessing because I’m eating healthier and not dieting. My body will stop losing weight when it feels comfortable.
Before closing, I did want to mention cost because, when I first started this, I kinda thought “ouch!” It’s a little expensive. But really, in the long run, it’s worth every penny for the results. If I had been doing Weight Watchers, one of the less expensive plans, I would have already paid about $150 more in weekly meetings alone. This is excluding any extra books, pamphlets, foods, measuring cups, etc., that they like you to buy.


Update for Stephanie (12/5/02) Week 48 and Stephanie called to report she’s lost 171 pounds, (now she has lost more than she weighs.) She no longer listens to weight loss tapes as she really doesn’t need them. She said she’d be happy to share any thoughts or ideas with anyone who wants to email her but be sure to put “Lighten Up Advice” in the subject heading so she doesn’t delete you. Way to go, Steph!!!!! She’s promised us a new photo as soon as she gets around to it.


Stop Smoking with Hypnosis!


Dear Kathy,I have to report that I have not smoked a cigarette since I left your office. Every time I had tried to quit in the past, I could not go 20 minutes without smoking. I cannot believe it has been a month.

There are no words to describe how grateful I am that you were able to help me. It was such a coincidence that I saw an article about you right before I was leaving for San Antonio. That stopover at your office from the airport was the best thing I have done for myself. You really helped save my life!

May you continue in your magnificent way.

Warm regards,
Dave Baker
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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Morning Kathy:

just a quick note to thank you again for my session and the cd. I have only had to have that one refresher and I am doing great. Not even cravings. It has been 8 weeks and going strong. Loving this change in my life. Feeling better ,,,more productive,,,more confident and HAPPIER !!! I am glad I reached out to you. This is what my attitude and life has been missing . Alcohol killed my spirit and was killing me.
good morning… good news…good to…be “moving.” I have signed up for and taken two tai chi classes, looking forward to becoming graceful as the bamboo in the wind……also next week will begin indoor water aerobic sessions and have ordered water shorts, gotten new bras, an outrageous t-shirt cover up, and am being more aware of thoughts and have changed some dietary habits………… listening to the cd you made me…….have told family to expect fun in the pool and boat this summer…. tomorrow have an appt with doctor as I think I have a touch of broncitis…..cedar allergy related…..not my first time to have this….and will ask him about candida……got the Potatoes not Prozac book from Amazon and am impressed that Candice Pert did the intro…..first sentence “sugar is not a food, its a drug.” Wow! Joined Costco and am buying great fish and meats and hi protein bars, so……….going out of town for a few days and will possibly set up a second appt when I get back. Feel good and have had some great “moving” dreams. S.N. Canyon Lake 2/12/08One week! no cokes! no chips! You’re the best!– P.M., San Antonio 6/14/02


Since we did the session on cravings, I haven’t had one coke. It’s been 10 weeks!– K.K., San Antonio


I haven’t had a coke since I started the Lighten Up classes. This program has changed my life! — Lighten Up, Fall 2002 student


“With Moore Inspirations, I really get “more bang for my buck!” (compared to other types of therapy)–P.S., San Antonio


“I’ve been to the best therapists in town, and I’ve made more progress more quickly with you! You really help me make changes!” –O.P., San Antonio



“I didn’t know what to expect but was aware of power of the mind. I felt energized but relaxed when left each class. Feel more positive.” –C.V.


“I think this class gave me a very valid and useful tool for coping with life’s tragedies and plateaus. This book was useful in conjunction with the book I’m reading “Stand Up for Your Life!”–B.N.


“My expectations were exceeded. I didn’t know if this would work for me. I’ve been sleeping like a baby. You must come to this class with an open mind to get the most out of it!”–Y.G.


“Absolutely great! Excellent!”–D.C.


Kathy,This morning was the first time I have had the opportunity to put your handiwork to the test. And what a success it was! I cannot begin to describe how much the one session I had with you has changed my life. I used to dread the thought of publicly speaking, I would obsess for days in advance about any upcoming event that would require me to speak to an audience, and I have turned down career promotions because of my aversion to public speakling. I would literally get ill with anxiety immediately prior to having to speak publicly. This morning in the exact same situation, I would rate my anxiety levelas “slightly nervous”. This is at least a 10 fold improvemnt over what I was experiencing prior to your session.

Now I can control my breathing so my voice doesn’t waiver, I don’t have the racing heartbeat, and I can actually think clearly and intelligently about what I am going to say! I actually had two people compliment me on my presentation this morning. You have changed my life and I can’t thank you enough. I will recommend you highly to anyone that will listen.

Sign me a believer in the power of hypnosis.
Thank you so much.
Phil Gallimore


Thanks, Kathy! I wasn’t sure it would work, but with Perfect Learning, I passed the Series 7 the first time! –J.A.
This was going to be my fifth (and last)attempt at taking the EXCET (Teachers’ Certification.) I came for three sessions with Kathy and passed!!!– S.O.
I needed one Finance Course to graduation, but just couldn’t seem to pass. Thanks to Kathy and Perfect Learning, I got my degree. — V.G.


Kathy, As promised, I’m getting back to you. First let me say “thank you” again. It was a very good experience and I also learned quite a bit, as well as becoming very intrigued. As for the effect itself. It worked. I actually noticed it last night after I left you. I had to run to Target and to grab a quick gift and had the opportunity to speak with an attractive young lady. Although there was still a mental apprehension (almost like I was thinking about things too much), there was no emotional apprehension whatsoever. I walked out thinking, “wow, that felt different”. Today at lunch, I tested it again, but it was also a slightly harder scenario, in so far as, I had a lot more time to think about it and chicken out. I was looking for a store and saw 2 very attractive women standing talking. I made the decision to park, walk the 75 feet or so over and ask them for directions. This time there was plenty of opportunity to chicken out, as they saw me from so far away and based off my angle, there was little doubt where I was going. Again, I had some mental reservations that I would characterize as “what am I going to say exactly”, but no fear or doubt on an emotional level. I also noticed quite plainly that the women in all the scenarios reacted to me very differently than in the rest of my life. They smiled and giggled, and were obviously receptive to me. The lack of emotional fear was amazing. For the first time in as long as I can remember, I talked to them from the perspective of the Alpha male that I envision myself to be, versus a scared little boy. I also found that I was actually able to think and focus while standing there talking, meaning I had time to notice their reactions to what I was saying and phrase things accordingly. I never noticed it until now, but generally if I did have to talk to an attractive woman, it was almost akin to a blinding light in my mind’s eye. I couldn’t concentrate on what I was saying and effectively was talking to them blind, because I could never read any of the “signals”. I also considered something else this evening. In the past when I go out with the intent (stated or otherwise) to meet women, if it was a social situation where alcohol was prevalent, I would find myself drinking much more heavily than intended or what I really wanted. I always wrote this off to being young and immature, but I did the same thing this past weekend. I wonder if that wasn’t a manifestation of my mind trying to “water down” my internal fears, knowing that a little “liquid courage” would confuse the conscious gatekeeper and allow the subconscious to run free. I’ll have to test this the next time I go out. Regardless of all of that, I feel great. I’m going to listen to the CD every night as I sleep, so I can reinforce the message. I can’t say Thank You enough. With just over 24 hours, I feel like a huge weight has been lifted, and that I’m finally in charge of my own mental, emotional and physical actions and reactions. I will definitely come back to see you again, and not hesitate to send anyone to see you. I know that this has changed my perspective, and feel that it may have changed my life. Gratefully yours, K. O.
If you’re in or will be visiting the San Antonio area, call today for an appointment– 210-663-0658.

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  1. I have listened to the hypnosis CDs and they are amazing. I have lent them to some friends whom used to take medicine to sleep and they didn’t believe the CDs would work better than all those sleeping medications out there. They are gonna help you too, just try and you will see the great results happening.

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