“Hypnosis for Cheerleaders: How it Works”

Like I mentioned in the previous blog entry, I’ve had success over the past couple of years helping about 40 cheerleaders get over performance anxiety.  Basically, they develop a fear of doing back flips.  In some cases they have had a bad fall, in some cases it’s the fear of falling, that causes the phobia. … More “Hypnosis for Cheerleaders: How it Works”

“Sixty Days of Mind Power Techniques” #58

Countdown two days.  Whether you are a democrat, republican, independent, undecided or don’t care, with everything going on in our economy right now, we can all take a few pointers from our incoming president, “Steady Eddie. ” If you’ve read any of the other posts in this section, you know I write about anxiety quite a bit as … More “Sixty Days of Mind Power Techniques” #58