“Hypnosis for Cheerleaders: How it Works”

Like I mentioned in the previous blog entry, I’ve had success over the past couple of years helping about 40 cheerleaders get over performance anxiety.  Basically, they develop a fear of doing back flips.  In some cases they have had a bad fall, in some cases it’s the fear of falling, that causes the phobia. … More “Hypnosis for Cheerleaders: How it Works”

“Hypnosis for Cheerleaders : Small Business Marketing Tip”

You know how sometimes you can look at something for so long that you don’t see it?  That would be ME today. I’ve been teaching individuals, usually small business owners, marketing techniques for years.  You know:  how to build clientele on a shoe string, how to effectively use PR, no-cost advertising tips.  I always tell … More “Hypnosis for Cheerleaders : Small Business Marketing Tip”