Weight Loss Groups

I began teaching the Living Lightly Series through Community Education programs in and around San Antonio in 2000. Since that time over 2000 private clients and students in group settings have benefited from it. I recently rolled out an alternate updated version called Living Lightly Detox. The Detox version uses the principles in Dr. Mark … More Weight Loss Groups

ABCs of Hypnosis: Eliminating Cravings (Part 2)

I originally talked about eliminating cravings by using hypnosis back in the Mind Power series, http://kathymoorehypnosis.com/2008/12/02/sixty-days-of-mind-power-techniques-56/ . In that blog post, I mentioned finding a healthy substitute. An additional means of eliminating cravings with hypnosis is to have the client X out the offending food or beverage or drug and as the item is disappearing or getting … More ABCs of Hypnosis: Eliminating Cravings (Part 2)