Moore Inspirations

“I Am” by Connor Hrivnak, age 11

This poem was written by Connor, age 11, for a school project.  I include it here as inspirational because, with kids like these in the world, I am inspired about our chances for the future.  If you know someone in need of inspiration, please feel free to forward this poem.  I’m sure Connor will be happy to have helped.


I am a crazy boy that loves hockey.

I wonder what happens to the world while I’m asleep.

I hear the wood crack in the forest as the trees wander about.

I see the world spinning at a fast pace it dances with the sun.

I want the world to be at peace for the last years of its life.

 I am a crazy boy that loves hockey.


I pretend to soar through the sky with an F-22 Raptor at my control.

I feel the skin of my horse as I fling through the forest.

I touch God’s hand as the world comes to an end.

I worry about all the animals in the world.

I cry when I see stray, abused, or dead animals in the world.

I am a crazy boy that loves hockey.


I understand the life will come to an end, but I am not afraid of it.

 I say that life is about fun, honesty, passion, courage, respect, hope and happiness.

 I dream of a world out in space like ours. I try to succeed with all my strength.

I hope the world will live a while longer.

I am a crazy boy that loves hockey.