Living Lightly Detox Special Reiki Healing Sessions

Cynthia Hazel has graciously offered to assist me with the New and Improved Living Lightly Detox. I feel Energy sessions are important for a complete detox (body, mind and spirit.) I have my own Reiki sessions with Cynthia once a month and it really helps me to re-energize and stay on track with my life. But, don’t take my word for it. See for yourself!
Hi everyone, I am so excited about Kathy’s invitation to participate in the Living Lightly Detox Program. I am an avid self-healer who loves to make positive changes and life improvements. I’ve noticed that when I change, those around me are also affected for the better. I have practiced Reiki energy healing work since 1998, I love it and am still learning more about its power every day!
In the two sessions I’ve outlined below, you will integrate a part of you that has been lost for a long time. Next your Reiki energy session will gently enliven your body and make it easier to refresh and renew. Doing this work will enrich your efforts to “Live Lightly.”
Integrating the Shadow Self:
There are parts of yourself that you try to hide or deny. Carl Jung calls these energy patterns SELVES or SUB-PERSONALITIES that you denied or pushed down into your subconscious mind in childhood in order to cope. In this session, you will meet with your Inner Child to reclaim that part of yourself that sabotages your efforts to be healthy. Facing your shadow will ignite a new relationship, turning your shadow into your greatest ally. **A guided health meditation will accelerate your weight loss/detox efforts.
Reiki Detox:
You will experience a Reiki energetic treatment to rebuild your body’s energy levels, release tension, anxiety and pain through deep relaxation. Reiki accelerates your body’s ability to heal itself, lower blood pressure, promote better sleep, support the immune system, and restore health and vitality. Sessions include Medical Qigong which removes toxins at a deeper level. **Long Distance Reiki Sessions are also available.

Looking forward to knowing you better,
Cynthia Hazel, M.A.
Reiki Master Practitioner/Teacher
HeartSong Healing Place


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