Moore Inspirations Professional Hypnosis Training

Moore Inspirations opened its Professional Hypnosis training program in January of 2006. The program is self-paced and on-going. Students can pay for the course in full and save $680 or pay as they go for $120 per Session.

The MI Hypnosis training program is a 72-hour course that offers students hands-on training in the fascinating field of hypnosis. Students who complete the program can audit classes again for free when they are available. All students must complete the Basic Certification before customizing.

Course schedule varies to suit individual student needs. For example, medical personnel may choose to take the medical courses earlier in the program or to take only a sub-section of the courses for specialty certification, for example, in Pain Management, Weight Control, Smoking Cessation or Anxiety Elimination. Private groups may opt to take a select segment of classes to suit their specific needs.

Being hypnotized by Kathy is one of the main ways students learn.


Session 1 Topics (2 hours) Individual Classes.

Parts of a Hypnosis Session. The Pre-talk. Building Rapport. The importance of developing Self confidence in your abilities. Experience a session.

Session 2 and 3 Topics:

Group Session for Self confidence. Inductions, deepeners, Suggestibility, Susceptibility Testing. Guided Imagery. Progressive Relaxation Stress Busters Script

Session 3 and 4 Topics: (overlap and repeat)

Learning Skills, focus, memory, test anxiety. Performance: Sports, Career, Direct & Indirect Suggestion, Hyperemperia, Imagery, Anchoring, goal setting, modeling

Session 5 and 6 Topics:

Wt. Loss: singles, Groups, putting together a program


Session 7 topics:

Smoking and Habit Elimination, post hypnotic suggestion

14 hours classroom. 14 hours practice. 28 hours

Intermediate Classes include the following:

Session 8 and 9 topics include: Personality and Relationships–cording, NLP techniques (the movie theater, Parts therapy, Ericksonian metaphor, optimism, ego strengthening. Releasing techniques, anxiety, phobias, fears, depression, ideomotor

Session 10 Includes:

Spiritual Hypnosis, Shamanic Techniques, Crystals, Chakras, Animal totems.



Combining crystal healing with hypnosis allows for a profound Shamanic experience.

Session 11 topics are:

Introduction to Whole Brain Techniques, such as Psych-K and other kinesthetic, non-verbal inductions, energy and hypnosis.

Session 12 Topics are:

ScriptWriting, intuition development, games, groups, coaching, art therapy

Session 13 Topics:

Hypnosis for Entertainment, Stage Shows, Public Speaking.

stage hypnosis
Kathy has worked with Project Graduation Programs and used hypnosis for company programs. You can, too.

Intermediate 12 hours classroom, 12 hours homework = 24 hours

Advanced Classes Include the following.

Session 14 Topics:

Medical Hypnosis–intro to diabetes, IBS, Fibro, Allergies, Research skills, developing your own programs.

Session 15 and 16 Topics:

Pain Management, Hypnotic Childbirth, anesthesia.

Get rid of nicotine once and for all with Hypnosis!

Session 17  Includes:

Regressions, Past Lives, Projections. Group Session, Break out sessions.

Session 18 covers:

Memory Recall, Intro to Forensics and Break out sessions

Session 19 Final Topics include:

Exam Review. Working with Drs., corporations, Insurance Companies, Non-profits, The business of hypnosis, forms, getting organized, getting started, marketing, websites, CDs, other equipment needs, getting referrals, Examination and Certification. Day 15 is the final regular class day.

Program paid in full is $1600 to get the discounted price.

The full program includes 36 hours classroom, 36 hours homework, practice, script book, manual and copies of 10 CDs. Total training 72 hours.

hypnosis certification materils
Basic course includes Script Book and 5 CDs plus two manuals.

You must completed sessions 1-7 for Basic. If that is all you want to do, the cost is $840 paid by the session.

If you want to customize the program, it is $120 per class or

Basic 1-7 $840.

Intermediate 8-13 $720

Advanced 14-19 $720

TOTAL = $2280

For more information, or to begin training, contact Kathy Moore via email, text or phone.

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