“Sixty Days of Mind Power Techniques” #28

I mentioned in previous posts that there are many ways to get in touch with your guidance system.  You can ask for messages from everything around you. 

Even Tarot Cards.

I can already hear some of the moans out there.  And some of you are saying, ” Hoorah!  Now she’s talking!”

Your opinion of Tarot cards as a method of divination is totally irrelevant to this discussion.  I’m only concerned with using them as a means of getting in touch with your own inner guidance system.

There are literally thousands of decks out there.  My two favorites are Doreen Virtue’s Fairey Deck.  (One of my guides looks like Tinkerbell.) But the one we are using today was created by my friend, James Wanless.  The Voyager Tarot deck.

James looks like he came straight out of Aladin’s lamp.  I believe he is a genie of sorts.  He certainly is an excellent and extremely creative teacher.  If you ever get a chance to take a class with him, do it.  He and my mentor, Shelley Stockwell, founder of the International Hypnosis Federation, just came back from teaching in Hawaii. 

Anyway, back to the cards.  In the very first line of the Introduction to the deck, James says, “Voyager Tarot is a vehicle for a journey into your inner universe, a symbolic pathway to full realization of all your abilities and potentials.”

James spells out many different ways to use the deck in the back of the guide book.  Page 85 shows you how to draw a card for the day.  To start out, he suggests using a passive approach.  Simply draw a card at random.  Read the page related to that card and observe how the card manifests itself in your day.  He says self-insight is enhanced through a passive approach.

Once you feel comfortable with the cards, (Be sure to check out the cheat sheet on Page 80.)  try an active approach.  State your desired message, something to:  (a) enhance general growth  (b) help resolve a specific issue (c) overcome a dysfunctional habit (d) determine the most important skill or resource you’ll need for the day (e) answer whatever your question might be

I asked question #(d)  My answer was:  Devil’s Play.  This card encourages me to laugh my fears and sorrows away and to free myself and become natural, spontaneous and original.  (Darn!  And I thought I already was!!)  This day should be interesting.

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