Get Rid of Negative Self-Talk to Improve Your Life

My adopted brother, Roger Moore, up in Washington State posted this article/video from his college buddy, Frank Perez.

To see the video, visit Roger’s site:

Here is what Frankie Perez of MindGym (up in Dallas) wrote:

Our self-talk, the constant conversation we are having with ourselves, is between 150 to 300 words per minute. Unfortunately, as much as 77% of it tends to be in the form of negative self-judgments. When a negative thought comes into our awareness:

1. Challenge it – Ask yourself “is this true?”. Recognize that you are giving power to a negative or limiting belief and that you do not have to accept it.

2. Practice Self-Acceptance – Accept yourself exactly as you are at this very moment.

3. Replace it – Replace the negative thought with a positive and empowering message. There’s a part of you that is thirsting for your self-acceptance, kindness, and love.

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