Mental Yoga Week #35: Trust Your Instincts

I’ve written more about intuition and trusting your gut than any other topic on this blog.  I think one of the segments I appreciated most from Oprah‘s Master Class was when she was talking about taking the job in Chicago.  Everyone in Baltimore was telling her she was crazy to go and try to compete against Phil Donohue, but she just had the feeling it was the right move.

Similar experiences have happened to me over and over again in my life, especially where jobs are concerned.  I’ve quit salaried jobs twice to go off on my own because I just knew it was what I was supposed to be doing.  The reward isn’t always monetary. Sometimes it’s just greater peace of mind.  Actually, at this stage of my life, there is no reward greater than peace of mind.

Most of my knowings come as just that: INTUITION, a message in my head that is like a ticker tape.  Frequently they come as gut feelings, especially when it is a BAD money move. I’ll have a nagging feeling in the pit of my stomach.  Rarely I hear voices, but when I do, it is always something that I need to pay attention to.

We are ALL intuitive.  It’s just that some people learn to block out the messages with the daily stuff of life, ball games and babysitting, broken dreams and brooding.  Here are six of my favorite tips to develop your intuition:

1. Spend time out in Nature.  God is in the trees and the wind.

2. Spend time alone with your self.

3. Learn to quiet your mind.

4. Get plenty of sleep.

5. Set the intention of increasing your intuition.

6. Use intuition tools: Learn to read tarot, use objet trouve (staring at an inanimate object until you get a message from it), play other intuition games, learn to use a pendulum.

7. You get BONUS POINTS if you believe the messages you hear.  Ask for a sign about a question you have and THEN when the sign comes, BELIEVE IT.

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